Speedway Petroleum

What Makes Speedway Different ?

Speedway Petroleum is different and we mean that in a good way.

We provide unleaded fuels, diesel, auto gas and professional car services as do other fuel retailers but we do it unlike any other.

Our first goal is to make sure we provide our valued customers with Sydney’s cheapest fuel.

Speedway Petroleum

No matter if it’s Premium 98 Octane or Unleaded E10 94 Octane, we sell it at the cheapest rate in the Sydney region. We guarantee the same for our other fuels: Premium 95 Octane and Unleaded 91 Octane plus our auto gas and diesel products.

What’s more we can do this while remaining independent and being a purely Australian owned and run business. We are also proud to have achieved our market strength through our robust franchisee programme which has proven time and time again the strength of the Speedway brand.

We have over 30 petrol stations in the Sydney metropolitan area, some of which are open 24 hours a day. From St Mary’s to Mt Pritchard, our ability to provide inexpensive petrol across Sydney means we help keep the overall fuel market competitive and prices down.

While our fuel may be low-priced we don’t cut corners with what we do and we pride ourselves on providing customers with an excellent all-round service.

Speedway Petroleum is proud to play a positive role in the communities where we have our outlets and as a business we promote diversity and a can do attitude.

Our petrol stations include well equipped workshops manned by fully trained mechanics while our convenience stores and take away restaurants provide a much valued service for our customers.

We even have several car wash cafes where our baristas serve up great espresso coffees and more while our customers’ cars are being cleaned.

Make use of our petrol station locator to help point you in the right direction to the Speedway Petroleum station nearest you.

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