Speedway Petroleum

Unleaded E10 with 94 Octane – The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Many motorists do their bit to support the environment by using unleaded fuel that consists of ethanol, and to support that we provide our own environmentally friendly petrol at the cheapest prices in the Sydney region.

As a by-product of yeast, ethanol is a cost-effective renewable resource which has minimum effects on the fuel’s efficacy. Growing in popularity, the use of ethanol helps reduce greenhouse emissions while also reducing the use of harmful components found in mineral based petroleum products such as benzene and sulphur.

With a 94 octane rating, our Unleaded E10 is an environmentally conscious petrol which consists of ten per cent ethanol. When you fill up with Unleaded E10 with 94 Octane at Speedway you will save money while doing your bit to help the environment.

From Arncliffe to Woodpark, the majority of our outlets in Sydney provide Unleaded E10 with 94 Octane. To find the Speedway Petroleum outlet nearest you selling Unleaded E10 with 94 Octane see our petrol station locator.

The petrol station locator will also tell you the opening hours at each of our locations, be it 24 hours a day or other times. Among the information provided is the fuel range available at each location which could include:

While our fuel is the cheapest to be found in Sydney, we have in place a thorough quality control regime to ensure that what we supply is only of the highest of standards.

No matter if it is diesel or Premium 98 Octane, you will fill up for less at Speedway Petroleum – proudly one of Australia’s major independent fuel service providers.

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