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Unleaded 91 Octane: The Popular Choice

When it comes to using a premium fuel for everyday driving, Unleaded 91 Octane is a popular choice that’s not only good for your engine but for your budget as well.

Like the premium fuels – 98 and 95 Octane plus Unleaded e10 94 Octane – this is an effective fuel that assists in keeping your engine running efficiently by its ability to help lower friction between components.

With an octane rating of 91 this type of unleaded fuel is the most widely used petrol in Australia and at Speedway we guarantee that we sell it cheaper than anyone else in Sydney.

While it can also be used in boats and motorbikes, Unleaded 91 Octane however should not be used in designated prestige and high performance vehicles which should fill up with Premium 98 and 95 octane fuels as required.

Along with our unleaded fuel range Speedway Petroleum also provides diesel at all locations and auto gas at several of our stations.

Petrol Station Locator

From Green Valley to Croydon we have Sydney well covered. Several of our petrol stations operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the majority of our stations open early and shut late. If you want to find the Speedway Petroleum location nearest you, try using our petrol station locator.

We also have mechanical workshops at most of our locations where you can let our well trained mechanics carry out whatever repair and service requirement your vehicle needs.

So for the best service and cheapest fuel in Sydney get yourself to the Speedway petrol station nearest you!

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