Speedway Petroleum

Improved Performance with Premium Unleaded 98 Octane

When it comes to a high performance fuel – nothing surpasses Premium 98 Octane.

For its maximum power delivery and optimal engine cleansing characteristics, Premium 98 Octane is the ideal choice.

Premium 98 Octane is best suited to modern European or modified vehicles whose engines have direct injection. It’s a cleaner burning type of fuel which provides improved vehicle performance and better fuel economy.

Given its high quality ingredients, Premium 98 Octane is not the cheapest of fuels to fill up with but at Speedway you will be buying this type of petrol at the lowest rate in Sydney. In fact we guarantee it.

You’ll get maximum power delivery and optimal engine cleansing with Premium 98 Octane but not at a hefty price if you fill up at Speedway.

We also supply a broad range of fuels such as Premium 95 Octane, unleaded 91 Octane, unleaded E10 94 octane, auto gas and diesel.

More than Low-Priced Fuel

There are over 30 Speedway petrol stations across Sydney, some operating 24 hours a day.

As well as cheap priced fuel we have well stocked convenience stores at our locations, many of which also have mechanical workshops, takeaway food options and Subway outlets. At several locations we also have café car washes.

To find out where the closest Speedway is to you try using our petrol station locator.

Speedway Petroleum is proud of being able to provide Australian motorists with a value for money alternative to what the big fuel brands are offering. By making the big brands compete, we’re also helping to ensure that overall fuel prices stay low for Sydney’s motorists.

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