Speedway Petroleum

Premium 95 Octane

Speedway Petroleum provides Premium Unleaded 95 Octane at guaranteed low prices at many of our outlets around Sydney.

Like 98 Octane , Premium Unleaded 95 Octane is intended for use by vehicles designed to run on octane fuel to improve both engine performance and efficiency.

Increased engine efficiency comes about by the fuel’s ability to deter the accumulation of carbon deposits. Keep your engine running at its best by using Premium Unleaded 95 Octane!

There is no problem using Premium Unleaded 95 Octane with other types of unleaded fuels such as Premium Unleaded 98, 91 Octane fuels or 94 Octane (unleaded E10).

As well as octane fuels, all of Speedway Petroleum outlets provide diesel and at many locations we also supply auto gas.

To help you find the most suitable Speedway Petroleum location near you, use our petrol station locator.

Speedway Petroleum offers much more than just low-cost quality fuel. At many of our locations Speedway has fully equipped vehicle workshops where our trained mechanics can assist with your vehicle needs be it scheduled servicing, repairs and maintenance, vehicle registration or panel beating.

Not Just for Vehicles
Just because we offer the lowest fuel in Sydney doesn’t mean we offer nothing else.

At several locations we even have café car washes where customers can relax – with a coffee in hand – while their vehicle gets hand washed and cleaned to near perfection.

All of our locations include a convenience store and some also have broader food options including Subway restaurants. Filling up or exchanging domestic gas bottles is also part of the comprehensive services that we provide.

Many of our petrol stations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you’ve never stopped and filled up at a Speedway Petroleum outlet, it’s about time you did!

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