Speedway Petroleum

Sydney’s Provider of Quality Cheap Diesel

Do you want to buy a cleaner-burning diesel fuel and do so cheaply? If so get you and your vehicle to the Speedway Petroleum nearest you because we have the lowest diesel prices in Sydney. Guaranteed.

Efficiency has long been a hallmark of diesel engines and more recently it’s been seen as a greener option when compared to regular fuels.

Running a diesel engine now means producing less greenhouse emissions than a vehicle using regular petrol. What’s more when diesel has ultra-low levels of sulphur – like the product we offer – the benefits include a reduction of:

  • Ultra-fine particles being emitted through the exhaust
  • Sulphur dioxide emissions that contribute to acid rain
  • Sulphur that contributes to both engine wear and diminished performance

Thanks to our stringent quality controls our diesel is a clean fuel that’s been refined to exacting standards.

At our 30 plus outlets around Sydney we also supply a broad range of other fuel products that include premium fuels 98 and 95 Octane, Unleaded 91 Octane and Unleaded e10 94 Octane as well as auto gas.

Many of our petrol stations are open 24 hours, seven days per week while our other locations open early and close late. The find out where the nearest Speedway Petroleum is to you use our petrol station locator.

More than Fuel

Most Speedway Petroleum locations have a fully equipped mechanical workshop that can carry out whatever vehicle repair or service requirement you need doing.

Our outlets all have a convenience store and many also have restaurants such as a Subway attached. Five of our petrol stations also have a café car wash where you can sip on a hot beverage while we make your vehicle look spick-and-span.

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