Speedway Petroleum

Auto Gas 100 – A Smart Choice

For those motorists who clock up plenty of miles, having a vehicle that runs on auto gas is a popular option. Due to a range of benefits auto gas is used by over a half million vehicles in Australia, among them thousands of taxis and long-haul trucks.

Counted among auto gases’ benefits are its reduced engine wear characteristics and its ability to last a long time. With less exhaust emissions, many motorists also see auto gas as another way to be responsible to the environment. Also known as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), it is typically more economical when compared to other motor fuels.

It’s an even more cost-effective option if you fill up with our Auto Gas 100 at one of our outlets because we have the lowest prices in Sydney. Guaranteed.

We provide Auto Gas 100 at our station locations in Arncliffe, Croydon, Fairfield, Liverpool, Meadows, Mt Pritchard, Revesby, St Marys and West Ryde. To find the location of the Speedway Petroleum nearest you, the easiest way to do it is to check out our petrol station locator.

We have 30 plus petrol stations across Sydney with some of them being open 24 hours, seven days a week. Among the other fuels we provide at our outlets include:

Apart from providing the lowest priced fuel in Sydney, our outlets all share the common goal of providing the best in customer service. In doing that we offer a broad range of services which include mechanical workshops and various amenities such as convenience stores and takeaway food restaurants. Several of our locations even have awesome café car washes where you can enjoy a great coffee or something else while we make your vehicle sparkling clean.

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