Speedway Petroleum: the Best and the Cheapest

The Speedway Petroleum group has provided motorists in Sydney with low priced quality fuel options and excellent customer service for more than a decade.

Now with more than 30 fuel service stations around this great city, Speedway continues to offer a valuable alternative to what the multinational fuel retailers provide.

In doing this, Speedway strives to be highly competitive and our presence means that Sydney isn't dominated by a few multinational fuel retailers. Our ability to provide inexpensive fuel to motorists also helps keep the city's overall fuel prices down.

No matter if it's unleaded 91 octane or diesel, we make sure we have the cheapest fuel prices in Sydney, guaranteed.

As part of our competitive scope, Speedway Petroleum provides a broad range of affordably priced high-quality fuel products such as:

From diesel to Premium 95 Octane, we have in place strict quality control measures to ensure that the fuel we provide is clean and safe. You can rest assured that the integrity of your vehicle's engine will not be at risk by using fuel from any Speedway Petroleum location.

Speedway Petroleum

At many of our petrol stations we also have fully equipped workshops that are staffed by well-trained mechanics which allows us to offer a wide variety of mechanical services, including scheduled servicing, repairs and maintenance, vehicle registration services and panel beating.

Not Just for Your Wheels

Speedway Petroleum just doesn't offer low cost quality fuel, we also have well stocked convenience stores at all of our locations.

Many of our branches have Speedway Food Stores which provide awesome food and beverage options. Other amenities at many of our outlets include car wash caf├ęs and restaurants such as Subways.

We can even exchange or fill up your gas cylinders for your BBQ!

So when it comes to filling up your tank and tummy, Speedway Petroleum is not only the low-cost option, but it's the best option on many levels.

Some of our petrol stations are open 24 hours a day while others are open from early in the morning till late at night.

From Cammeray to Miranda, you should be able to find one of our fuel service stations in a Sydney suburb close to you. Use our petrol station locator to help you find the Speedway near you.

Speedway Petroleum is an independent Australian owned business that respects diversity and supports ethical business practices. We pride ourselves on the quality of the services that our fuel stations provide and we see ourselves as being an integral part of the communities that we serve.

Proudly Australian, Speedway Petroleum looks forward to serving you at one of our 30 plus locations around Sydney.

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